•Metal substrates must be blasted to a fresh surface by inert material and degreased.

•New cementous/refractory type surfaces can be dusted off, used cementous/refractory type surfaces must be blasted for elimination of used layer.

•Ceramic Substrates must be blasted by high hardness material.


•Solcoat comes in three (3) parts and is water thinned. Mixing by screw agitator during 45 minutes.

•Pot life of mixed coating is 12 – 24 hours.


Solcoat must be applied immediately on prepared surface in several (2-4) layers. Final thickness should be 0.12 – 0.25mm depending on substrate. Time between layers can be 30 minutes to 4 hours.


If operational temperature in equipment is higher than 520ºC, Solcoat is cured by process heat. If process temperature is lower heat might have to be applied initially.