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High Emissivity Energy Savings

Solcoat Hi-Emissivity coating increases the emissivity of the lining surface to greater than 0.93 at elevated process temperatures.  If you desire an energy efficiency boost without major redesign, application of Solcoat Hi-E coatings to existing linings can provide for larger volume through-puts or reduce energy consumption for all refining & reforming applications.  Please see our Refining/Fired Heater page for additional information.

Corrosion Resistant  -  Erosion Retardant   

Solcoat Ceramic coatings are designed to protect refractory linings and surfaces from chemical & mechanical attack.  

 Solcoat will extent the current useful life of your existing (damaged) lining or provide protection right from the start of your new lining's life.  In both cases capital costs and down time are reduced. 

For over 12 years we have been extending service life and reducing capital costs for process equipment in the Refining, Power Generation/Incineration and Metal Production & Forming Industries.

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