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Solcoat Hi-Emissivity coating increases the emissivity of the lining surface to greater than 0.93 at elevated process temperatures.  If you desire an energy efficiency boost without major redesign, application of Solcoat Hi-E coatings to existing linings can provide for larger volume through-puts or reduce energy consumption for all refining & reforming applications.  Please see our Refining/Fired Heater page for additional information.

Fired Heater & Reformer Applications

Solcoat is an economical choice for solving many problems which occur with ceramic fiber, brick

Sulfur Recovery Unit

Solcoat applications increase the life of Castables, Brick & Gunned refractories on the following parts:

Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit

  Apparatus Regenerator & Walls Transfer Lines Stripper Flue Gas & Seal Pot Service Conditions

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