Ceramic Coating

Industrial boiler coating for life extension of refractory linings

A patented water based sol-gel ceramic coating for protection and life extension of new or existing refractory linings in industrial boilers, incinerators, furnaces, and steam generation process equipment. A composite based hi-tech ceramic/metal matrix coating economical at less than $5 ft2.

Properties :

  1. Increases working life of refractory materials by providing a barrier layer coating impervious to chemical and high temperature gas attack.
  2. Effectively seals porosity of substrate. Prevents vapor phase gasses and carborization byproducts from condensing inside refractory lining, thus inhibiting internal damage due to chemical attack and physical stress of the insulating structural material.
  3. Operating temperatures to over 3,500F.
  4. Hot gas ablation resistant & fly ash [and other air borne particulate] abrasion resistant – ASTM C704 @1.6
  5. Thermal shock resistant.
  6. Chemically and mechanically bonded to substrate. Will take normal flexing of substrate.
  7. Simple application procedure. Applied at room temperature using commercial spray apparatus or manual brushing/rolling. Simple clean-up using water.
  8. No volatile organic contaminants (VOC’s). No heavy metal or environmental concerns, all metals present are in inactive oxide form.

Areas of Applicability :

SolcoatÔ is applied directly on refractory linings. Typical areas of application are:
  1. Cyclones – Increase target wall life. Prevents [and can be used to mend] cracking in linings.
  2. Classifiers – Increased abrasion resistance for refractory walls.
  3. Transfer Lines – Reduces slag build-up rate and corrosion.
  4. Combustion Chamber Refractories – Prevents erosion & corrosion due to fire ball impingement and combustion by-product gasses. Extends life of burner blocks and fuel input spouts.
  5. Exhaust Flues – Prevents corrosion caused by stream condensate and erosion from air borne particulates.
  6. Tubes – Prevents abrasion and ash accumulation on metallic tubes.