1. Equipment Required:

One (1) commercial air powered spray apparatus (preferably with pressurized pot).

Nozzle size > 0.060".

Nozzle & actuator to be of wear resistant material (preferably SiC).

Reservoir feed directly attached to spray gun or via hose of <10 feet.

Back-up roller application equipment.

Misc: Dust masks, rags, and water.

2. Surface Preparation:

Cementous type surfaces must be either new or if used then sandblasted. The surface must be free of organic contaminants.


3. Spray Procedure:

Holding nozzle 12" from surface apply coating in sufficient quantity to cover surface. There are main three levels of application thickness. 1) Dry, light green in color; 2) Wet, dark green in color; and 3) Extremely heavy where the coating runs. The desired level is level 2. Depending upon the porosity of the substrate this will yield a coating thickness on the surface of between 0.010" and 0.015" with saturation into the substrate of between 0.010" and 0.050". If the coating is applied at level 1 there will not be a protective quality inherent in the surface. If coating is applied at level 3 mud cracking may occur and the protective quality of the coating will not be present.

The dark or light hue may be observed on the surface immediately following application.

4. Clean-up:

Clean-up should be conducted within 10 - 15 minutes following cessation of application. Use water to thoroughly wash ceramic off all parts and follow manufactures instructions for further cleaning.

5. Tips:

Do not use siphon draw and long hose apparatus. The materials thixotropic nature prevents effective flow in this set-up. Use recommended gun mounted reservoir can and refill often for best and effective flow to spray gun and nozzle.

Spray tip and actuators tend to wear down due to abrasive nature of material. Use recommended wear resistant parts and have spares available on site.

The material is a high pH water based formula. Any change in the chemistry will result in deterioration of performance. Keep unused material covered to prevent evaporation.

The substrate must be above the dew temperature at time of application. As the coating is water based it should be applied at a temperature >40 degrees F and if stored for more than 2 hours at least 50 degrees F.

The pot life of mixed coating is 12 -24 hours depending upon temperature.

Coverage, depending upon porosity of substrate, is ~ 75 - 150 ft2/gallon.


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