Ordering Information


Solcoat products are available packaged in gallon denomination batch segments.  The following packaging is available:

1 gallon    5 gallon    10 gallon    25 gallon    33.3 gallon    50 gallon.

When placing your order please have considered which packaging is suitable for your on site parameters [such as hydraulic handling equipment, mixing motor/prop, daily usage...etc].

As an example; a 200 gallon order may be shipped in the following configurations:

bullet4 x 50 gallon batches
bullet6 x 33.3 gallon batches
bullet8 x 25 gallon batches
bullet20 x 10 gallon batches
bullet40 x  5 gallon batches

You need to decide which packaging option best suits your on-site needs.

Once you are ready to order contact us by phone or e mail to make the arrangements.

Phone:  (203) 483-9006        email:  order@

Important Notes:

bulletSOLCOAT is shipped in three (3) parts.  Additional water is required to be added upon mixing prior to use [see Mixing SOP].  This water can be pre-weighed and added prior to shipment for a small additional charge.
bulletMixing vessels are required on site and are NOT included.
bulletShipping & Handling:  Charges are borne by the customer - FOB our factory.  Specific requirements include refrigerated cargo accommodations.

Volume discounts are available for large quantities of any product above.  Inquire prior to placing large orders.

bulletTwo week turn around for most orders under 100 gallons.  New customer orders over 100 gallons are normally shipped within 21 days [or faster if circumstances dictate and warrant such action].
bulletDistributor pricing is available where applicable.
bulletImport taxes, customs duties & paper work are to be attended to by the customer.  Solcoat Industries will provide invoices, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and commercial product descriptions.  For additional paperwork requests contact our order department.

Orders are   not  returnable  and  not  refundable.

bulletPayment in full is required prior to release of shipment [unless credit has been prearranged].

Remember that shelf life is > 1 year but pot life is 12 hours maximum .

bulletIf you require assistance contact our application engineering department by phone at (203) 483-9006 or via e mail at


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