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5 Gallon Batch

1. Equipment Required:

One (1) mixing container of capacity >5 gallons.

One (1) mixing motor of at least 1/3 horse power (a drill is sufficient).

One (1) mixing paddle (preferably a "slip" paddle) of at least 5" diameter.

One (1) hole punch of 0.25' diameter capable of puncturing an industrial 5  gallon pail.

One (1) industrial 5 gallon pail paint filter void size of <80 mesh ASTM.

One (1) wooden handled foam paint/stain applicator.

One (1) scoop of 0.5 gallon capacity .

Misc: rags & water for clean-up, dust mask(s), safety eye wear.

2. Site Requirements:

Power supply sufficient to operate mixing motor.

Level surface for placement of mixing container during mixing.

Water source (hose) for clean-up.

3. Ingredients Check List:

Two (2) 1 gallon containers of SOLCOAT Part A.

One (1) 1 gallon container of SOLCOAT Part B.

One (1) 5 gallon container of SOLCOAT Part C.

One (1) gallon of de-ionized (or distilled) water. This material is not shipped, it must be provided by end user at the site. (FOR 1 GALLON BATCH USE 1/5 GL. Of Water)

4. Mixing Instructions:

Step A. Into mixing container pour both containers of SOLCOAT Part A and 1 gallon of de-ionized water. Start mixing with motor and paddle apparatus. Maintain paddle approximately 1" from bottom of container. Motor speed should be sufficient to create a vortex in the fluid.

Step B. While holding container of SOLCOAT Part B over mixing container puncture hole in side of container (near bottom) so that liquid drains into vortex in fluid in mixing container at a steady rate (don't forget to loosen the top of container to allow even flow). Continue mixing at speed sufficient to maintain vortex for a total of 15 minutes (including time to drain ...Part B into mixing container)

Step C. Immediately following Step B begin to add SOLCOAT Part C (powders) into mixing container using scoop. Proper procedure is to "sprinkle" powder in. This step should take approximately 15 minutes (note: the powders should not be added in a clumped or agglomerated state as they will not mix properly and cause jamming of the spray apparatus). Adjust mixer speed to maintain vortex in the container at all times.

Step D. After powders are mixed in continue to mix batch for 15 minutes maintaining vortex. Then sieve through paint filter. The sieving process can be accelerated by employing the foam paint applicator to push the mixture through the filter in a rubbing motion over the surface.

Clean-up. Thoroughly wash all equipment with water within 10 minutes of use.


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