Solcoat Ceramic Coatings

Petroleum Refinery Apparatus Applications

Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit





Regenerator & Walls

Transfer Lines


Flue Gas &

Seal Pot


Service Conditions

Reducing Environment and Coking

Severe Erosion Abrasion & Coke Penetration

Moderate Erosion

Thermal Shock, Chemical Degradation & Mild Erosion

Refractory Substrate

Gun & Spray

Gun, Cast & Pumped

Gun & Spray

Gunned & Pumped


Solcoat Effects

Protects refractory from reducing environment & coke penetration.

Prevents coke penetration and chemical erosion.

Protects refractory from erosion and permeation of particulates & media.

Protects against thermal shock, chemical degrading & mild erosion of refractory.

Green areas indicate Solcoat application sites.

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