Solcoat Ceramic Coatings

Petroleum Refinery Apparatus Applications

Sulfur Recovery Unit

Solcoat applications increase the life of Castables, Brick & Gunned refractories on the following parts:

bulletMain Body Combustion Chamber
bulletBurner Throat Block
bulletChecker Wall
bulletInlet Nozzle

Solcoat applied directly onto ceramic monolithic Ferrules prevents warping and cracking.

Wall, Floor & Ceiling refractory surfaces. The results have been life extension of the refractory due to the protection provided by the Solcoat against factors causing chemical and physical degradation in Environments of excess O2 and temperatures from 2000 to 3000ْ F.


Green areas indicate Solcoat application sites.


Solcoat ceramic coating has been successfully applied to Burner Throat, Checker Wall and Combustion Chamber

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